Alternative Flooring

There's been a big push in recent years to make our lives as "green" or eco-friendly as possible. It's up to us to save the environment and if we don't do our part in our homes then future generations will have an even harder time trying to make the environment a better place to live. There are a lot of ways to go eco-friendly and help save the environment. You can walk or bike to work from your loft condo instead of drive once a week, you can buy ENERGY STAR appliances for your home, install a rain barrel in your backyard and use non-toxic cleaning supplies, just to name a few.

As you can see, it's not really all that hard to live a green lifestyle. You just have to do it. Your home is the first place where you can choose to live a more eco-friendly way of life. If you're thinking of putting up your home for sale and are looking into renovating so you can raise the re-sale value then you might want to look into installing earth friendly alternative flooring options such as bamboo or cork.

Installing cork flooring in your piece of property will make your home more eco-friendly as it's a renewable resource that comes from a cork oak tree's inner bark. Cork flooring, once it's gone through the process of being made into sheets, becomes a great flooring option for your home, as it's non-toxic, warm, near soundproof, and stylish. What more could you ask for in flooring? They also come in various sizes or shades such dark reddish-brown or light beige and is also very easy to install.

The other eco-friendly alternative flooring option you have that we mentioned you can install in your new condos in Toronto is bamboo. Just like cork, bamboo is also a renewable resource and will always be available because it continues to grow and we will have an infinite supply of it since it's always renewing itself. That means you would never have to worry about bamboo flooring being out of stock in case you need to replace a worn down tile or plank. The main advantages of bamboo flooring are that they are strong and durable but also provide a beautifully classic look with easy maintenance. Just like cork, bamboo flooring comes in several styles and sizes so you won't have a problem picking out a bamboo flooring option that would fit in with your home's current decor.

So, if you have an interest in living more eco-friendly and are in the market to renovate your home then eco-friendly alternative flooring such as bamboo or cork is one way to go.

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Friday, November 17, 2017