Factory-Built Homes

Factory-built homes conjure up the image of trailer parks in the minds of most people, but the days of double-wide pre-fab market domination are over. Though RVs and mobile homes still represent a significant portion of homes that are constructed off-lot, any real estate agent in Canada will be able to tell you that they don't have the corner on the market anymore thanks to modern building and factory design techniques. They've been overtaken by real houses that are indistinguishable from other homes that have simply been pre-fabricated in a factory.

Factory built homes, contrary to popular belief, aren't all the same cookie-cutter copies of one another. Although most companies who build prefabricated homes do have certain in-house styles and layouts that are popular, many also allow you to bring in your own house plans for construction in their factory. The only difference between the two would be that totally custom houses may take slightly longer to build. Furthermore, interior layouts and exterior decorations and colors are customizable in a factory built home so that your new house will look less like part of a suburban stamp farm and more like a totally unique dwelling.

The sales of factory built homes are booming, especially in North America where the housing market is geared primarily toward the "suburban dream house" style of living with individual lots and single-family homes. Fewer and fewer people are choosing to live deep in the urban jungle these days because faster public transit and bigger highways have allowed the urban employed to live further afield than the downtown has so many of. As a result, on-site contractors simply can't keep up with the demand for homes, so factory built homes have been filling the gap.

For a person looking at Kitchener homes for sale and not seeing one they like, factory built homes can be a godsend, especially if they're on a tight deadline for moving out of their old property. Factory built homes can be planned, assembled, and ready for delivery in as little as a few weeks, compared to the months or years of planning an on-site home would require. The houses are also built indoors in a climate controlled factory so they don't get exposed to the same damaging elements as site-build homes.

Factory built homes, unless they're smaller single-story bungalows that can fit on a single truck bed, are built in sections called modules. The modules, when finished, are then trucked to whatever lot the customer has chosen for his or her new home. Though it may seem odd to be passing prefabricated chunks of Ontario houses on the highway, the method is actually incredibly efficient, since it removes the need to hire a number of different contractors to work on your house's construction. A crew comes with your newly delivered home, who can often have it assembled and ready to go in a single day. Not bad, considering they have foundations, garages, and landscaping just like any other house.

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