Green Home Construction

One of the broadest categories in industry innovation today is environmentally friendly materials and practices. Consumers are more alert than ever towards projects which entail the use of materials geared towards reducing the footprint of humans on the planet. Many say that when looking for a home for sale in Paris Ontario and in other areas, they look for construction that has made an effort to go as green as possible. There are many aspects to the construction of green homes; let's take a look at a few of them.

First of all, you have to scratch your head and wonder how construction can be green in the first place. Most North American homes are made of at least 80% wood, which means trees were chopped down. In itself, that would seem to prohibit any piece of real estate from being classified as green.

However, the fact is that there would never be a lack of trees or even forests if the timber harvested were done so in a sustainable way. The first thing to look at for any developer or consumer interested in keeping homes green, then, is how the wood used to build most of the house was harvested. Not only will the choicest materials be taken from well managed forests, but the pieces themselves will be produced with minimal energy consumption. Look in particular for real estate which has been constructed with wood from companies approved by environmental watch dogs such as Lambeth.

Next, take a look at what is being used for the insulation and roofing. Blown insulation is actually quite bad for the environment, and for humans as well. Cellulose insulation is the best option here for the green builder. It is actually made from recycled paper, which use this material are just as warm as those using traditional fibre glass. Like all insulation materials, even cellulose has its problems with chemical treatments, but aside from insulated panelling it is the greenest option while still the most practical.

Never neglect the additions and systems inside a building when you are constructing, as these can have the greatest environmental impacts of all. Condo listings advertising steps such as low flow toilets and instant water heaters tend to attract a greener crowd, a crowd which is more willing to pay some extra money for these environmental innovations.

Remember that green building is becoming ever more important amongst consumers, and with developers as well. Green sells well and often can fetch premium prices too. It's important to pay attention to the materials and practices you are using when it comes to new construction. If you would like to look for a home or condo that features earth friendly construction materials, may we suggest you start your search at a large local agent's site. You can also inform the real estate agent that eco-builds are what you are after. In the meantime, join us in paying a visit to one of our sponsoring partners, Charn Hansra CPA CA.

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