Manufacturing Machines

Since the beginning of mankind, we have always used tools to help us survive and prosper. Whether it's a bone chisel or a diamond tipped drill, there are just some jobs we cannot do with our own two hands. Thus did machines come into being. As we have grown more complex throughout the generations, so too have our machines. No longer can we simply fashion the necessary pieces and tools from wood or wrought iron. Now we must build machines to build our machines.

The art of engineering has become just that - an art. Since the days of Leonardo da Vinci, the engineer has become something of a grease scientist, forging new and amazing ideas for machines that will elevate man higher than ever before. But for every design, there are men and women to aid in its construction, sweating away in front of furnaces to build the bones. From any Brewery lofts, you'll see the men and women in the steel mills acting as cogs in the very machines they are helping to create. From top to bottom, every piece of any machine was meticulously forged and crafted, then passed along again to be constructed. Whether that machine was man made or machine made, however, is another story.

Technology has advanced to a point where human manufacturing is no longer as necessary as it once was. Advances in electronic manufacturing have allowed us to take more of a supervisory role in the construction of machines, with machines doing the hands on building. American and Canadian companies such as General Motors may still rely on manual labor, but advances in technology have allowed them to increase production with automated machinery. These companies are also using technology to help sell their products to people around the world. With the assistants of developers, for example, manufacturing businesses have the opportunity to reach out on the internet and expand like never before. Aided by an ever-expanding technology market, the future of machine manufacturing will continue to grow and become more efficient- A fact that leaves some worrying that, eventually, we won't need human labor at all.

Whether made by man, machine, or both, we will always turn to machines in our quest to better ourselves. In fact, it is hard to imagine a world without machines. Can you picture constructing a new home on your real estate without the help of backhoes, forklifts, or loaders? How about living a comfortable life without the aid of a refrigerator or a washing machine? Can you picture a hospital running without monitors, scanners, or any kind of diagnostic machines? No matter how you look at it, it's hard to envision our world running without machines at the center, whether large or small. Our society is dependent upon machines, and those machines, whether made by man or another machine, will always need human beings to design them, if not to build them.

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