Pros and Cons

For who've put up their condo for sale in Scarborough and are ready to upgrade to their a detached home, many will be considering building rather than buying because new housing in the Greater Toronto Area is always in demand. For those people there exists a dilemma: should they hire a contractor to build their new place from the ground up, or order a factory-built home? A few years ago this choice wouldn't exist, because factories couldn't build or transport anything larger than a mobile home. But with today's technology and industry innovation, we can build two and three floor homes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this process? Read on to find out.

The Pros

One of the major advantages touted in advertising circulars and real estate blogs is that factory built homes come together much more quickly than site-built homes. Factory turnaround times can be as little as a few weeks, as opposed to a few months for site-built homes. The process is doubly fast, since the house and the foundations can be built at the same time. The resulting home is built from in a shift-staffed, climate controlled environment, which eliminates weather delays slowdowns caused by flaky builders. The factory also adheres to strict building codes and efficiency standards which you may not get from local contractors.

Customers are also saved from having to hire multiple contractors and having to shoulder unforeseen costs above builders' estimate. The factory gives the customer a set price and handles all of the construction from electrical to flooring. As the owners of many Ontario houses that have been featured on building disaster reality TV know, it's hard to know which contractors you can trust. Factories are more easily vetted than individuals, and the materials and workmanship is covered under the warranty.

The Cons

Potential home owners who want the feeling of accomplishment that comes from registering a new set of home plans with a Canada Trademark Office will be disappointed by factory-built homes, because even though you can customize it to some degree, all homes built in the factory have to be based on plans from the company's catalog. The resulting house could also have a lower resale value than a site built house because of its sameness and the stigma attached to factory built mobile homes.

There are certain size limitations as well. It won't have to be quite as small as a condo, in fact, it is possible to have 2 and 3 storey factory built homes, but it must be built in sections no larger than 11ft by 60ft to allow for transportation. It is possible that the transportation, which is done on flatbed trucks via the highway, could shift a pre-built home and compromise its integrity. Additionally, factory built homes are difficult to renovate or upgrade, because the modules rely on one another for stability and you could unwittingly compromise it by changing their layout.

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