Strapping Systems

Every industry looks forward to the development of innovations that will increase the efficiency of the factory and cut down on overall costs. A strapping system can be the perfect addition to your production floor when it comes to both of these areas.

An automatic machine will benefit your business in a few different ways. First of all, consider the amount of time used up on the floor when you are using a manual machine operated by labour. No matter what industry you are in, this process is inevitable and will inevitably eat a hole in the bottom line. Not only is that worker being paid to do a job a machine could, but the time spent at the strapping station could probably be spent elsewhere, on a job that only a human could do.

Next up is the issue of efficiency. Again, there is no way that a human worker can keep up with an automatic strapping machine, as far as getting the most products packaged in the quickest time possible. Just go into your local electronics store and look at the products for sale. Just in one store, it's hard to imagine it taking less than a few hours to assemble that kind of packaging. The use of this industry innovation will mean that the productivity of your floor is increased as time spent on packaging is cut by 75% or even more.

Accidents do happen to human employees and machines alike, even to those doing something like selling wares, let alone in a dangerous factory. But, at least in the case of factory machines the damage can be undone and usually fairly quickly. This means that if you're selling heat shrink cutters your orders will most likely still go out close to on time if there is a breakage. Handheld strapping systems can result in cuts and even an occasional amputation when a worker is unfamiliar with or just stops paying attention to the system. Machines don't have that issue and even if something did go awry, no one would be hurt. It's best to keep the workers on the safest jobs possible. Factories are not the only examples of where innovation and safety are developing together. If you look at a construction site, you'll see a much safer and more efficient environment than you would have fifty years ago.

There are several different kinds of strapping machinery available, from small units to large units that include conveyor belts and other movement devices. The time and money they can save an industry make this innovation well worth checking out.

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